Wednesday, October 7, 2009

oh please just run away with me

So I'm leaning against the wall near the men's bathroom, waiting for someone to wheel out the towel bin, only a few of the lights are on, i hear snoring, soft talking and a guitar. Aaron's playing the guitar, i can only see the back of him, his arms moving as he strums quietly. I have this feeling, this feeling i had so many times in Africa "you where meant for this"

I'm astounded with the way things have turned out.I have been giddy since i started at the seed, that almost doesn't describe it properly, i mean i was sitting outside the mustard seed cause i was early for my shift and every time i looked up i couldn't help but laugh, i am so excited about this!

My first shift basically flew by, doing all sorts of tasks, laundry and blanket distribution, guest storage, check in and bag searches.I cant stop smiling, but then it end on this weird note, that makes me cry all the way home, I am then stressed for the next two days and it comes down to taking a leap of faith...and i do it...and Jesus did me a solid.
After being told several times from seed management that i shouldnt quit my other job and that they cant give me full time hours, i went a head and quit my job with DDRC, not two hours after i quit with DDRC the seed comes to me with a contract position....
and Love tour calgary continues...

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