Sunday, March 14, 2010

coffee and cigerettes

I have two blogs that i would like to spill out right now but i will do my best to make them one.

I dont know whats wrong with me but yesterday i found myself thinking "well what if i didnt work at the shelter?" but tonight that idea is absolutly unthinkable...

I promise her over and over that we are not going to call the cops and that we do care about her...

Tonight my love for the people in the shelter is almost overwhelming, my liberation is truely bound up with theirs and i am forever blessed that God picked this place as a stop on the love tour.

I am going to BC at the end of this week, for a wedding and for so much needed time with my beautiful friends Brianne and Matt.

In thinking about the shelter and thinking about BC, I have been meditating on how absolutely impactful my first trip to Vancouver was and how it all ties together to where i am now.

3/4 years ago we went as a group from West side kings to spend two weeks on east hastings, my views of homeless people was radically changed and i am pretty darn grateful for that birthered a new part of me, a new part of what i know of part of my heart feels like its going home...

I dont know what it was so easy for me to blog stories of africa and so hard for me to get the words out of what ive been living these days...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

i am tired of waiting

somehow randomly on facebook i came across a album of photos of someone i dont know who is in africa right now, the pictures really stirred up my heart and gave me peace at the same time.
sometimes it feels like next year wont come soon enough! is beautiful.