Sunday, December 6, 2009

under the overpass

so a few years ago for Christmas my dad gave me this book called "under the overpass" by mike yankoski

i love this book, something about this book stirs something in me and yeah...i want to share a little bit of it with you.

[ " the pizza, hanging out down here, being nice to the people no one cares about, all of it, why?"

"i figure they're hungry and hey, everyone likes pizza right?" said George but he looked uncomfortable with the question.

"thats the easy answer" said sam "whats the real answer?"
"Okay" George said realizing we were serious "you really want to know? i do this because my faith tells me to. The Bible clearly says if you see someone hungry feed them, if you see someone naked clothe them. Those words werent written for us to make books and sermons about they're written so people dont go hungry and naked. And they require action from all followers of Christ, not just the rescue missions, Anyway thats how i see it. So im trying to live my life that way and be pleasing to Jesus"
"whew" i said inspired.
"Do you know what they call you around here?" sam asked "The Jesus guy"
"Highest compliment i could ever receive" George said with a big smile. "But you know what? i've never once come down here and preached. At least not in the typical fashion-you know,with yelling and Bible thumping"
Sam and i took a few minutes to tell George about ourselves and that we shared his faith. We thanked him for his powerful witness for Christ in the park.
"isnt it amazing" i said "that when we live as we're called and do what we're commanded the gospel does get preached one way or another?"

"I think so" said George. He was scanning the park. There were the usual strollers and loser and drunk and punks the usual American riffraff. But George was looking the place over like he owned it, like it was his own backyard. "Live as your called and the good news will go forth. I like that"

"Remember that the poor are people with names" writes bryant myers author of walking with the poor "they are people with whom and among who God has been working before we even knew they where there"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


im telling you, 5 minutes ago i almost quit my job....why you ask? a little reason called gypsies....

so lets give a little bit of backround information, 2 or 3 months ago i posted signs in kensington that said "Wanted : a band of modern day gypsies" and i put some contact info, alas nothing came of it, i also looked longing back at a day in may where i was sitting downtown and two very odvious transiant travelers walked by me and i said hello to them and they smiled and said hello also.

But anyway to conintue on with this story, tonight at work at approx 2 am the front door rings and i go running to let who ever is waiting it, when i get to the door there are 3 police officers there and dogs, i am very confused and before i even open the door i radio the team lead to come to the front because i HATE dealing with the police.
Anyway i let them in and they tell me a story of 3 people who own the 3 dogs, the police had just pulled them off a train that was coming from winnipeg , they where traveling to vancouver, the cops ask me if they can "leave them in my care" and be on there way, I say they cant stay at the shelter (we dont take dogs) but they are more then welcome to use the phone, which one comes in a does...dreadlocks...wool cap...named kale anyway yeah, i chat with them for quite a while and tried to tell my co-workers that i was leaving with did not work, but the gypsies did take my email address eeeeeeeeeeeee