Wednesday, December 2, 2009


im telling you, 5 minutes ago i almost quit my job....why you ask? a little reason called gypsies....

so lets give a little bit of backround information, 2 or 3 months ago i posted signs in kensington that said "Wanted : a band of modern day gypsies" and i put some contact info, alas nothing came of it, i also looked longing back at a day in may where i was sitting downtown and two very odvious transiant travelers walked by me and i said hello to them and they smiled and said hello also.

But anyway to conintue on with this story, tonight at work at approx 2 am the front door rings and i go running to let who ever is waiting it, when i get to the door there are 3 police officers there and dogs, i am very confused and before i even open the door i radio the team lead to come to the front because i HATE dealing with the police.
Anyway i let them in and they tell me a story of 3 people who own the 3 dogs, the police had just pulled them off a train that was coming from winnipeg , they where traveling to vancouver, the cops ask me if they can "leave them in my care" and be on there way, I say they cant stay at the shelter (we dont take dogs) but they are more then welcome to use the phone, which one comes in a does...dreadlocks...wool cap...named kale anyway yeah, i chat with them for quite a while and tried to tell my co-workers that i was leaving with did not work, but the gypsies did take my email address eeeeeeeeeeeee

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