Sunday, September 20, 2009

speaking words of wisdom let it be

My latest project:

So if i had to share some wisedom or whatever, i would have two things to share, and funnyily enough they both came from church

1) Reflect what you believe- if you really believe something your actions need to reflect that, you cant say one thing and do another.
That lesson really has nothing to do with this journal but i thought i would share it none the less.

2) Now i cant really remember the proper way this was worded but it was something like "make your life a story worth telling" and i know that almost sounds a little harsh because really life sometimes is just gonna happen but i like the idea of life being a story and being able to contribute to that story.

switching tracks.

I love journals, i never go anywhere withough mine and i love making them. So i made this journal for you yes you who is reading this now because if finding a random hand painted (ha) journal made specifically for me by someone i dont know cant be a part of my story i want it to be a part of yours. Much love!
-a friend"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

rule of life number 38

I suppose I have alot to talk about, but before i start writing i should mention how i was thinking about this on the bus and how maybe blogs are a little silly...i sit here and write out all the things i think and feel and then you sit there and read them...i dont know why but suddently this feels strange to me, but at the same time, if i write this now i can compartmentalize my thoughts and i will have to answer less questions later.

I should also metnion that my head is spinning so hopefully this makes some sense.
I will start with the concrete

My job, so...I really like the work part of my job, for the most part its awesome, i get to do stuff like go swimming and play monster trucks, there are little things that happen at each shift that makes me smile, like the other day one of my clients told me he knew God and I asked him what he was like and he just smiled and after a long pause told me that his(God's) name was steven.
But the hours have changes so much, and everytime i try to quite or mention that im unhappy my boss just acts really nice or promises that they will do better the next week, Im a sucker and this keeps happening, i need to like fully detach myself even if they are very nice the hours are important for me to like continue.

My stuff with the simple way, so after farther communications it seems the simple way has decieded to not take interns this year, this makes me a little sad cause i was really stoked, but at the same time i feel peace, i know i will be lead to where i need to go.

This brings us to the question of "what now?" and my answer is i have no friggen know how christians usually use terms like "God will open a door" well i want God to open and door and shove me through it cause everything just seems so up in the air.
On the note, i would like to put it out there that if anyone knows of any cool oppurtinites i would be very much intrested in hearing about them...

I had much more that i wanted to write about but i think i will leave it at this for right now.
Please pray about my job stuff and my life stuff.
thanks friends