Sunday, September 20, 2009

speaking words of wisdom let it be

My latest project:

So if i had to share some wisedom or whatever, i would have two things to share, and funnyily enough they both came from church

1) Reflect what you believe- if you really believe something your actions need to reflect that, you cant say one thing and do another.
That lesson really has nothing to do with this journal but i thought i would share it none the less.

2) Now i cant really remember the proper way this was worded but it was something like "make your life a story worth telling" and i know that almost sounds a little harsh because really life sometimes is just gonna happen but i like the idea of life being a story and being able to contribute to that story.

switching tracks.

I love journals, i never go anywhere withough mine and i love making them. So i made this journal for you yes you who is reading this now because if finding a random hand painted (ha) journal made specifically for me by someone i dont know cant be a part of my story i want it to be a part of yours. Much love!
-a friend"


  1. What is in those packages?

    I do enjoy your insight. I think everyone should hear those phrases and try to live by them. I enjoy the thought of telling my life as a story, because I don't believe that your life is planned out, but it's the decisions you make everyday that create your story.

    What a good blog update.

  2. those are journals, the above paragraphs are letters i wrote and put inside the journals and then left random places.

  3. HAHA Sean told me how you were watching kids pick up your journal and that they almost threw it out and you got really upset. That's too funny that you watched people take them.
    Do you leave contact information so they can talk to you? Or is it totally random?

  4. yeah i left one of the journals at the trainstation and i could see where i left from where i was standing on the plateform.i was upset but its all good now i dont usually watch. i dont leave contact info