Life list

I have this book, well its actually kind of a journal.
but its not the same as other Journals, because its actually my life book!

what is a life book?
well its a book with my whole life's to do list (some people call it a bucket list but i dont like this terminolagy)
I first started this book back in 2008. The first few pages are the actual list and the rest is a journal of completing the list. Everytime I do something from the list I try to have a visual to go with it.

wanna know my list? for sure!
things in bracets are things im not entirely sure I want to happen and the slanty things are items completed.

Things dreamed up in 2007
-See the Northern Lights (I later added that when this happens I need to sing christmas carols regardless of the time of year)
-Learn a song on the guitar/ perform something at a open mic night
-donate blood

things dreamed in 2008
-Send/take Dad to spain
-(visit every country in Africa)
-learn to knit
-help someone reach their big dream
-find an authentic church community
-do "gurellia art" projects
-take a course on the Bible
-celebrate someones half birthday
-cut my hair
-have a crush on a boy and NOT tell him
-Shark cage
-Get married
-visit a shane claiborn community
-take a hip hop dance class
-(fly first class)

Things I dreamt up in 2009

-learn about first nations culture
-own a polaroid camera
-live out a song lyric
-live in a small town
-have a house with a name
-catch a firefly
-go houseboating
-explore an abandonded building/house
-go to a monster truck ralley
-have my initals carved in a tree
-live in Christian community
-(go skinny dipping)

things dreamt in 2010
-kiss someone on a boat
-pick up a hitch hiker
-go on a long trip in a RV/camper/van/bus
-go to a concert of a band I've never heard
-visit a "tent city"

things dreamt in 2011
-go to a concert at "Red Rock" Colorado
-join/make a raggamuffin choir
-(foster parent/ adopt)
-Bake a cake for Jesus on His B-day
-visit a swamp
-learn sign language
-sleep on a bed made of hay
-Publish something I've written

things dreamt in 2012
-sleep in a bouncy castle
-have a matching tattoo with husband
-send a message in a bottle
-hang out with Belugas in the wild
-paint a bus

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