Wednesday, December 15, 2010

from the little red journal

19 may 6:03pm

My dad is a assorted variety artist and I appreciate him very much. The sound of fingers sliding along a guitar neck to change notes always reminds me of him. I like his voice and not just the one you can hear.
I have some of his songs on my Ipod, some are silly, some are sad and I am extremely glad to have them
There is this one called "Harvey" that he wrote when he worked at the church. There is something special about a song written for a man who is unaware there is a song written for him.

HarveyMr. Harvey what happened to you? did you go on a bender? did you come apart at your seams?
I saw your garden growing, in fact I had some fruit-no salad and vegetables from it.
I heard you got beat up real bad that night at the bar, your out of your head you got out of your car.
You went on a rampage all the way to Nova Scotia and then the church paid your way back to know us
You showed up here in a tie you were mistaken, there was no job no job for you
And I use to wonder what kind of a mind it took to plant a garden, I cant do it, I don't have the Patience like you.
and you were running, running home running home running home
I hope you don't stay running running home running home running home running home
I met you and I like you
I got nothing against a guy who has some drinks
There are to many Pharisees handing round these parts want to make you change and it always makes me think, what if that was me down in the gutter?
would they even stop to pick me up? I don't think so they got their nose in the sky and I don't think they'd see you as they pass by
Mr. Harvey
where are you? Mr. Harvey where are you?
are you still running, running, running?
are you still running into the blue?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

come with me go places

Its been so long since I wrote a real blog that I am almost stumped on how to start.

We will start with India! I bought a plan ticket to that land that I know nothing about and will be heading out on feb 17th and coming back home april 2nd. My beautiful friend Laura Pope is going to India on a practicum through her school, I will be going half way through her trip. I dont exactly know what Im doing yet, I fly into Kolkatta/Calcutta on a saturday and volunteer orientation at the mother teresa house starts on Monday, so I have about a day to get my self ready to go for my time at the mother teresa house.After that Im taking a train to Pune where Laura will be, suddenly I am terriable at understanding the internet so trying to find volunteer/missionaries has been a challeng but Laura has told me of some people who work with people who have Leporsy and of different street kid programs also programs having to do with HIV/Aids. All three of these things I am very interested in. So yeah, India really has a different vibe to me right now then Africa did and maybe thats because of my lack of knowledge and because this trip will be much shorter...who knows...but I am very excited.

My lovely friend Stanley is in Canada. Stanley is one of the main people I worked with while i was in Masoyi. Its lovely to connect with him again and to show him where we are from. This past weekend he introduced me to what he calls hi "top 7" apparently the team he works with make sure that they are aware of each others "top 7" so they know how to love each other. Top 7 means your 7 favorite things.
Stanley asked me my top 7 and I answered that they are. Jesus, family, friends, traveling, arts+crafts, journals, and hearts.

What are your top 7 favorite things?