Friday, October 16, 2009

19 fab things that happened in my 19th year

1 I was given a treasure hunt birthday part.

2 I fell more in love with africa

3 I had my first kiss (insert vomit noise and teeny tiny grin)

4 i bunjee jumped the second higest bunjee jump in the world

5 I met kindred spirits like louise, my twin Danny, and a beautiful 4-some called, Dayla, Kathrine, Tara and Beth

6 I learned to Knit

7 a) I had a conversation around a circle table which inspired the term "Love Tour"
b) I got "Love Tour" tattoo'd on my arm

8 I came back to Canada, learing that Goodbyes are heart breaking, hello's are rather joyus and Love was coming at me from all over the place

9 I spent a poncho themed weekend in banff, where I lived out a song lyric

10 I did Gurilla Art projects (the mirros, the journals and a little wall writing)

11 I spent a night on the street

12 I went on a roadtrip to vancity and i was reminded of hope, talked to a boy from Denmark and learned something new about love

13 My baby sister graduated

14 Flew (tried to at least) kites in formals clothing with two lovlies

15 Had a night outside with 3 of my favorite guys reading peter pan to each other

16 My best friend got married, i glued feathers on my big deal

17 I made Prayer flags at camp

18 Went camping, left in a tiny red car fairly full from the two people in it, drove home with said tiny red car so full you couldnt see the two back passengers

19 I got what is my current dream job at the mustard seed


  1. Just close your eyes and pretend you're on the moon.

    Hey, on the note of your bungee jumping, a couple died on the Big Swing in Graskop recently. The rope snapped.... Shame.