Tuesday, July 28, 2009

to make you feel my love

Brianne got married.
My best friend of the past many years got married.
and I am so happy for her.

The day started out with champange and truffles and humus and getting ready.
Although I had been up till approx 2 am that night, watching my mom work on my dress (thats just how she rolls, it stresses me out to the extreme but i suppose i cant change her)
Brianne and I drove to the ranch house together, big black clouds all over the sky. We arrive and there is a flustered shuffle to make sure Matt doesnt see Bri and we go to the sage room to get dressed. Then its annonced that its raining and we have to stay indoors, but it true calgary fashion it rained for 5 minutes and then we where able to be outside.

Then there is a dramatic walk down the aisle, a few tears and a kiss and now Brianne is a dempsey.

I am incrediably happy for Brianne and Matt, and incrediably happy that this could be a part of my love tour.

SO here we are, I think this was one of the big steps for the summer. The next is sojourners and finding a new church.
The first in that sentence i am slightly nervous for but only slightly just cause we havent really had a chance to plan, the second i am extremely nervous for, the last time i stepped foot in a north american church i left shaking, the last time i had interaction with a christian i didnt know made me cry. so yeah...we will see what happens but this week i am going to try out "Friends Church"

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