Tuesday, May 5, 2009

waiting for my favorite song

Since being home I seem to feel other people's pain way more then before, I am often holding back my tears and shaking over very simple things. (or...bursting into tears and sobbing but thats usually when Im alone)

So other then that bit of depression, I am stoked about SAS (servants anom society) the commitment is big, alot of responsiablity and almost seems like it needs a different person as well, but it would start into the heavy stuff till august so im going to try my best and if it doesnt work i will put the brakes on well before that...I'll just go and love people as best as I can.

Reality is a fine wine...not enjoyed by children, Im really trying to be mature and see this time period as something that will grow me cause it will and it wont only grow me as a person it will help me and Jesus get even tighter...Im learning to lament


  1. "Reality is a fine wine...not enjoyed by children" .. did you make that up? It's so awesome, very true I think! I can't really read what your mirror says but I'm too afraid of it, please keep it at home with you :(

  2. This is so true. When I went back at Christmas, it didn't matter how big or small the pain was the other was experiencing, I could feel it and it hurt. Pain from a previous boyfriend, pain from the death of a cousin months before, ... I could feel it. I think being in Africa around pain ALL the time makes you very sensitive to other people's pain and you really start to realize that pain is pain and that people hurting are people hurting. You don't compare it, you don't judge it, you just feel it and mourn with them.