Monday, July 18, 2011

inheritated habits

So I have this box full of Cards, notes, letters, random scraps that are special to me and I was going through it last night. I decided that I was going to go through and get ride of all the envelopes because they are just a waste of space. I opened up this envelope which holds a card from my Oma, I decide that I don't want to get rid of this envelope and I open up the card, then something catches my eye in the envelope and I find this:

cutest thing ever right? they are little hearts cut out of napkin, cutest birthday valentine found 4 years later ever!

and one of them says:

"Birsday" was how she said "birthday" (because English was her second language) Although In the card she wrote birthday so she must have been trying to figure out the correct spelling...

I just thought this whole thing was super cute and super special and I'm so glad I found this

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