Friday, June 17, 2011


I did a post it note street art project at the mustard seed a while back and recently bought a new pack of post its for a different project for a seed guest, but at the end of it I had several sets of post it notes left. CCharlie and I have decieded we want to invest in and spent more time hanging out in Kensington, so when we were there tonight I decieded that we should do some post it note art. Several of them blew away before living a long happy life but many of them were seen and commented on, this one lady actually came up and hugged us after she saw what we wrote.

It must be noted that CCharlie needs so mentoring when it comes to being a street artist, several of the post its that he wrote said "are you loved?" instead of "YOU ARE LOVED" but his giant tallness was helpful for putting notes up in high places.

We left way more then these pictures reflect but it was a kind of on the go project not a lot of time to stop and take picture

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