Saturday, March 5, 2011

brushing your teeth out a window

So today Laura and I went to the market, I have arranged for some punjabi dresses to be made and I'm pretty excited about it...I wanted to share this picture and a story with you about this picture.

Laura and I were on way home in a rickshaw, the traffic was ridiculous...then a head i saw a elephant! I guess my excitement was apparent because our driver started to laugh, i got a crappy picture as we drove past but then our rickshaw driver swerved to the left so i could get a better the process he hit a cart full of coconuts, and I achieved the above we were driving away I asked Laura to look at this situation from outside of our perspective and how it is actually such a hilarius story...

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  1. That is a hilarious story. From the outside :) You are getting a dress made! Yaaaaaaaaay!