Wednesday, August 4, 2010

feet in the water aka July

Brianne and I have had some pretty good ideas over the years, but I think one of our best and one that im super duper excited about is our recent "12 month" project. It was inspired by a blog we mutually read. We have come up with 12 themes and each month we are each going to take a picture that goes with the theme and mail them to the other with a letter. I think we both plan on making scrapbooks at the end of the year with all the pictures, This project is also something I hope we do forever! We have just finished our first month and this feels like such a precious thing, Brianne lives in BC and we call and email and stuff but this just feels like a even more special way of sharing our lives.

July was "feet in a body of water" I plan on sharing the photos and maybe parts of the letters in my blog every month.

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