Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To do list...

so i have a "bucket list" although i hate calling it that cause then it seems like something inspired by that silly movie...so i just call mine my "to do list"

I have a bunch of things on it and recently i realize i havent been actively going about accomplishing them because most of them are big things like...go to india, visit a skate park in jeruslam, see the northern lights...etc. But i went over it today to pick out the things that i can accomplish in the next little while and this is what i found

-donate blood
-go to a concert of a band i've never heard of
-plant a tree
-Knit Jay Bakker a scarf
-Go to a monster truck Ralley
- take a course on the Bible

When i was in Vic with Brianne i told her that i want to take on more projects These are going to be my "projects" for the next little while till i find something worthy of being called a "project"

anybody interested in doing any of these with me?


  1. Lets do the first three together!
    I've been meaning to donate blood for a while, but I've been sick almost constantly. But I'm feeling good nowadays.
    We can go to a local show, there's always something good, somewhere close like the Blind Beggar they have a singer/songwriter night I think it's on Wednesdays?
    And planting a tree is easy lol.

  2. Really? Northern Lights? Easy. Happen often. Come up towards my area of the continent and we'll witness the beauty of the northern lights together.